Mount Helena Classic

Who’s with me?!  I’m considering running the Mount Helena Classic, which is Saturday, September 17.  Here’s a blurb about it:

“This 5.6 mile course starts on historic Last Chance Gulch in downtown Helena. It quickly changes from urban running to mountain trail running in Mt. Helena City Park. The course takes runners to the top of Mt. Helena, 1,300 feet above the starting line, and offers outstanding views of the City of Helena, Prickly Pear Valley, and Elkhorn and Belt Mountains. The course then descends back to the finish area on Last Chance Gulch.”   Becky’s note:  I don’t think I’ll be able to run the whole way but I have no problem walking.  😉

And here is the entry form:

If anyone’s interested, we have a guest room/bathroom.  We also have a gift certificate for a free night at a Helena hotel (and will probably not use it before it expires on 12/31/11).  So don’t let the expense of lodging prevent you from doing this!

Any takers?






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River City Roots race

We did it! 4 miles, 45 minutes.

And the best thing we learned? That Abbey’s pedometer is right on, while mine is off by at least two miles.

Missoula has been very smoky due to recent forest fires, making the air quality pretty poor. I am really noticing the effects right now because I keep coughing.

Overall, a very fun race with a bunch of great volunteers and runners, and the best running partner ever 🙂

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River City Roots Festival

Every summer for the past five years or so, downtown Missoula supports the River City Roots Festival (this year it’s August 27 & 28). I’ve participated in the beer drinking and music listening, but this year I’m running in the RCRF 4 mile walk/run for the first time. It was funny because both Abbey and I had the same idea of registering, and she asked me to run before I had the chance to ask her!

Is anyone else running or interested in running this?

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In my quest to track how far I’m running each day, I came across the handy iPhone application called Log Your Run.  This free app uses the iPhone’s GPS function to track distance, time, and calories, not to mention one’s weight (of course, you have to input this). Even if you don’t have an iPhone, you can still log onto their website and input your data for tracking purposes.  It also automatically tells you, based on miles run, when it’s time to change your shoes.  Nifty!  I plan to return my pedometer to the store pronto.  🙂

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Tip: Breathing

I found an interesting article about breathing while running. Read it here.

I’m going to try the 2:2 technique Monday because I definitely had a side stitch today.

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First Week

Almost halfway through the first week of training! Abbey, Kurt (Abbey’s adorable pup!) and I have been following the running schedule pretty closely, 1.5 miles Monday and 3 miles yesterday. Today (1.5 miles) we are running separately due to our schedules. The best time for us to run together is at 6 am… which makes me want to cry sometimes, but it feels really good to be awake before Missoula.

I purchased a pedometer on eBay Monday and it should arrive soon. My hope is to run on different trails around Missoula.

I do have a question about the Novice Supreme schedule. Starting Week 13, Sundays say “Cross,” what does that mean?

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Thanks Lindsay!

Must first thank Lindsay for her inspired running suggestion for newbies.   When she began, she ran on sidewalks and made herself take two steps within each concrete square.  In so doing, she was able to escape injury.  I tried it this morning and noticed an improvement – my knee wasn’t twinging like it was last week.  I do notice that I can walk faster than I’m currently running, which feels pretty funny but I guess that’s what I gotta do for now.

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